Electromobility plug & play - the installation of charging points has never been easier,

Electricians are expensive and often hard to catch due to their busyness. The concept of Aqueduct reduces the installation effort to a minimum.

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Simple Installation

The electrician only needs to install the start module. All the following extension modules can be in fact set up without any technical know-how. That means: station the wall mounting bracket, insert the plug, attach the cable- done.

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Simple maintenance

However, if a technical fault occurs, the charging modules are not repaired on site, they are going to be replaced by a new „plug & play“ system. The restoration in congested urban areas is a warp within a few hours. restoration can be done even within a few hours.

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Simple approval

Energy suppliers claim, that the new charging points must be registered or/ and approved. But our expansion modules are not affected by these commandments. The maximum charging power of 22 kW is never exceeded.

Install start module

Connect the start module with the junction box-
for every electrician a walk-over.

Expansion modules connected plug & play

Every expansion module can be integrated without technical know-how.
That saves indeed time and money.

With the right preparation in advance, the installation is going to be a walk-over

The start module can be mounted by every electrician. Get all relevant documents, to be prepared for the day of the installation.

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