Build your first own charging park with Aqueduct.

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Cheap complete solution

No unnecessary variety of products, no complex planning. Aqueduct reduces the total costs for charging infrastructure to a minimum.

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Smart distribution

The charging point recognizes the power requirements of every car and controls the charging intelligently. Individually. Time shifted.

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Low installation costs

Thanks to our modular design, we reduce the installation effort and thus also the installation costs.

Aqueduct - the multiple socket for electric vehicles.

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What exactly is the ChargeX starter kit?

Unser Starterkit ist für Sie der Anfange zu einem effizientem Ladenetz. Es besteht aus 4 Modulen und ist dank unserem modularem System nachträglich bedarfsorientiert ausbaubar. Somit möchten wir Ihnen die Chance geben hohe und komplexe Anfangsinvestitionen zu umgehen.

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Product description

ChargeX - Aqueduct, die einfache Komplettlösung, ist eine modular charging solution, suited for parking spaces with several charing points. Thank to intelligent loadmanagement the charging power is distributed individually for each car through time distribution. Aqueduct is based on the master-slave principle and can be easily expanded to up to eight wall boxes. For you this means: Aqueduct grows with your needs! So you can be sure that you will be well equipped in the future.

No redundant product variety, no complex project planning und no diproportionate installtion costs. Reduces the total costs for charging structure to a minimum!

4 Aqueduct Module

Aqueduct.4 - die simple complete solution

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4 charging modules with up to 22kW

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Monthly reporting

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Plug&Play installation

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Typ2 charging cable or socket

4 Aqueduct Module

Aqueduct.4 Pro - compliant with custody regulations

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Compliant with custody regulations

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Administration an accounting system (OCPP 1.6)

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48h exchange guarantee
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Digital charging assistant (beta)


  • 1x 22kW start module 22 kW Socket
  • 3x 22kW expansion modules 22 kW Socket
  • 4x wall brackets
  • 3x Hybrid-Connection cable

+ Installationskit

  • 1x FI Typ B EV
  • Sim-card (2 years)
  • 1x connection 6mm
  • Energy channel

Aqueduct.4 Pro

  • 1x 22kW start module 22 kW Socket, compliant with custody regulations 
  • 3x 22kW expansion modules 22 kW Socket, compliant with custody regulations
  • 4x wall brackets
  • 3x Hybrid-Connection cable
  • Service.Pro (48h exchange for 5 years)

+ Installationskit

  • 1x FI Typ A EV
  • Sim-card (
  • 1x connection 6mm
  • Energy channel

Input/ Connection for power supply

  • Nominal voltage: 230/400V
  • Nominal current: 32A
  • Nominal frequency: 50Hz
  • Pre-fusing: 32A

Output/ Car connection:

  • Connection technology: Charging socket type 2, 32A with locking acc. IEC62196-2
  • Output voltage: 230/400V
  • Max. charging current: 32A
  • Max. charging power: 22kW
  • Load management: sequentiell (passive static load managment)
  • Locking: Automatic unlocking of the charging socket in the event of a power failure

Protection/ internals:

  • Charge controller: ChargeX EVCC
  • Car communication: acc. IEC 61851-1/22, Mode 3
  • Interface: RS486
  • Authorization: RFID
  • Communication: GSM - OCPP

The following prerequisite for successful installation:

  • Available connected load of 11kW (16A) or 22kW (32A)

1. Mount wall bracket

Montage der Wandhaltung mit 3 Schrauben

2. Connect cable with the module

Plug&Play Montage von Verbindungskabel

3. Mount connected module

Aqueduct Modul an Wandhalterung montieren

4. You can charge after bootup

Aqueduct Modul und RFID-Karte

Für mehr Informationen, schauen Sie bitte auf die Seite Installation

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