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ChargeX - We charge numerous electric cars in one place.

Aqueduct ist die erste Mehrfachsteckdose für Ladeinfrastruktur.

Noch nie war ein Microgrid so einfach. Plug&Play Installation, intelligentes Lademanagement & integriertes Lastmanagement.

Zum Aqueduct

80% of all charging processes take a long time.

Every parking lot must become a charging space in the future. The applications therefore are numerous and conceivable everywhere. To run your own fleet, to stay competitive or simply to do something good for the environment. Take a look at our successful projects to get an impression of the Aqueduct charging system.

Fahrzeugflotten, Flottenbetreiber

For fleet operators

When switching the fleet to electric cars, the main question is: how, where and when can be charged?

Charging a commercial fleet has previously been complicated. With the Aqueduct charging system, you can charge many electric cars flexibly. Low costs and easy installation make life easier for you as a fleet operator.

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Hotel, Hotelbetreiber

For hotels

Hotelgäste erwarten heute am Reiseziel eine Ladestation. Mit Aqueduct können Sie als Hotelier einfach neue Kunden gewinnen: Sie brauchen dafür nur eine Zuleitung in der Garage – der Rest wird von uns geliefert.

Yesterday WiFi - today charging point: thanks to Aqueduct you are well prepared for the new customer needs.

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Autohaus, Autohändler

For car dealerships

Regardless of whether it is a workshop, rental or a new car: electric cars have to be charged. We have developed Aqueduct so that you can concentrate on your main business: simple installation and low acquisition costs make it easy to switch to electromobility.

Remain an attractive and competent partner - also in the field of electric cars!

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Wohnbaugesellschaft, Wohnung

Example projects

With Aqueduct, you can flexibly equip underground garages and parking lots with charging points and cleverly distribute the energy. Wherever vehicles stand for a long time.

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Marco Weiss | Innovationsmanager Volkswagen

"ChargeX can make a significant contribution to successful electromobility through the intelligence and simple installation of its modular charging solution."

See for yourself!

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Example projects

Viele einzelne Ladestationen zu planen kann kompliziert sein!

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Complex project planning - local network bottlenecks - difficult to plan.

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Disproportional installation and operating expenses.

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Risk and costs difficult to estimate - total costs explode.

Mit Aqueduct wird Ladeinfrastruktur einfach & zukunftssicher.

Aqueduct Modul

Aqueduct is a modular charging system. The first module is connected to the electricity network and is the first charging point. Additional modules can be integrated via the plug & play system if required. The clever control system distributes the energy between the modules.

Order Aqueduct.4 from EUR 3,999 (excl. VAT)Compare Aqueduct with standard system
Aqueduct Modul
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Simply set up - easily expandable.

Das Microgrid benötigt nur eine Stromversorgung: weitere Ladepunkte werden Plug&Play an angeschlossen.

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Simply planned - energy cleverly distributed.

Trotz begrenzter Anschlussleistung werden alle Fahrzeuge zeitversetzt mit der notwendigen Energie aufgeladen. Unser sequentielles Lastmanagement minimiert die Belastung & schützt ihre Infrastruktur!

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Simply plugged in - charge as needed.

Every electric car receives a guaranteed range and is charged individually.

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Simply decide - readjust tomorrow.

The system analyzes individual needs and supports you in further planning.

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The secret formula for cheap charging infrastructure.


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Der Montageaufwand des Aqueducts ist minimal. Stimmen Sie die Installation mit Ihrer Fachkraft ab. Hilfe und Tipps gibt es auf

Putting into service

Die Inbetriebnahme für einen sicheren Betrieb erfolgt durch Ihren Elektriker. Das war’s.

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Zufriedene Kunden.

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Einfache Ladelösung.

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Cleveres Lademanagement.

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Reibungslose Installation.

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Aktuelle Investmentkampagne.

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